Thursday, May 9, 2013

house Elves?

Some jerk came over to my house while I was out and made a bunch of meals and left the dishes undone and food out the he also had the gall to do to do a bunch of laundry and leave it on the kitchen table. Plus all the sheets are in the washing machine !
 When I catch that guy I am going to give him a piece of my mind!


  1. There's some guy who constantly walks into our house and makes dinner and lets the dirty dishes pile up unwashed and leaves the dirty laundry in piles--actually, it's three guys, and I don't want to call any of them a jerk, as we are all three sensitive to that kind of name calling...

  2. There is a pissy little girl who mussies up my clean house, piles her clothes on the rocking chair in the bedroom, and wolfs down her breakfast standing up in the kitchen without doing the dishes. When I catch her, oh, all hell is going to break loose!