Saturday, May 18, 2013


I had been thinking that I should change the nature of my blog specifically to attract "hits". Then I read that article about the most popular blog(in the world??)
 The post of a cute blonde giving a how to put on makeup while drunk got the most hits ever!?
  This helped to remind me that I usually do not manage to bend with the wind so well..,+ this blog is about my process and thinking.
  So back to writing whatever pops into my head and enjoying the process.
  How does relate to the title? It seems that one definition of courage is being different and not hiding it from others. Doing what seems right without worrying about social consequence....
 Although posting anything one did while intoxicated does take a certain kind of courage.
  I know of people who act angry and mean in spite of essential inner kindness. I asked one of them about this(courage?) She said "It hurts too much otherwise." Showing her true feelings was too risky so she spends her days fending off imagined attacks from all sides with pre-emptive strikes and recoils from slights real and imagined. Does it take courage to show caring or softness?
  So courage in showing ,in this case on computer screens my real thoughts and feelings could be a form of courage.

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