Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sex ed dad style

Taking the boys to a party the ex is at.
  7 year old Ben. "I don't want to go Dad.:
Dad "Why not?"
"because Kai(apparently 7 year old human female) hates me!"
6 year old Soren"She doesn't hate you, she likes you!"
Ben "well she keeps hugging me and trying to break my ribs!"
 Dad, with the wisdom of years"hugs from girls are good."
 Ben "Maybe hugs are good for girls, But boys..." Very expressive hand and facial signals that hugs are, at best, dangerous
 Dad "Yea no hugs till you are least 16!"
  Ben "Yeah! By then I will be able to run faster then her!"
    I feel I have done my part
Soren"She wants to kiss you!"
 Ben silent look of horror.
  Dad to self" That is a job for Mommy."

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