Monday, May 13, 2013

rules, authority and whining

There are two big events in sports tight now where, in my view , cheating is being encouraged and going to the authorities is being discouraged. The Chicago Bulls basketball team does not have the talent to compete against the Miami Heat, so they are resorting to tackling harassing and pushing the other team around in the hopes that they will get so upset that they will not play well. Pundits and fans are proud of this and even go to the extent of calling the Heat players whiners and crybabies.
  This is why I also will not watch ice hockey because if a player on the other team is too good the worse team sends a player out called the enforcer who deliberately injures the great player. The offender then gets a two minute penalty and his team wins.
 The other in golf is not so clear. Sergio Garcia was distracted by something Tiger Woods did and made a bad shot. Everybody jumped on Sergio because he should be tougher. Of course nobody mentions that Tiger Woods constantly yells at and berates audiences for doing the slightest thing to distract him.
  The rule of "Winning is everything " is at best amoral and at best encourages cheating. If somebody complains about cheating everybody calls them a baby.
  I have two boys, one who believes in authority. "What do you do about bullying?" Soren says "bleep his bleep". Ben says "Find a teacher!" Ben has a good way of looking at situations and trying to make things better but in the world of high finance Soren would be rewarded and Ben would be in trouble for trying to do the right thing.
  This bugs me.

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