Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fear? draft

"Stranger Danger" "Don't run out in the road." Many things we teach our children to fear, sometimes with good cause.
   Maybe fear is not the right word? I want my children to respect the road and I also want them to get to the other side like the proverbial chicken when need be.
  I want them to know that it is necessary to work like the little red hen and I want them to go out and play.
 Embarrassment. It seems that most of what we consider optional fear is the fear of being humiliated. "What others will think." Of course 

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  1. Oh yes, THAT fear, the fear of of being found out and despised for who and what you are. Yeah, whoever came up with that one certainly got their money's worth. I think we all spend time in therapy trying to unlearn that.