Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Part ll

As I view the huge house, sort of a buzz-kill when you are pretending to be Natty Bumppo or some such.I am thinking about Destiny's post about preparedness and being thorough in terms of  this run late, in a hurry  and freewheeling(on line thesaurus very disappointing by the way).(improvising?)slow brain thesaurus useless adlibbing!) I was considering the idea that there is a reason we use hiking BOOTS rather then shoes for mountain climbing .                                                      (running shoes planned obsolescence )
  I have to get to the top (some sort of OCD?) On the way down I am a little nervous that either some neighbor will freak out and call the cops or even worse I will knock a boulder loose and it (VERY steep hill) will roll down and hit somebody and cause a hullaballoo . It is cool to see how the brain works. As I approached the hill I saw a "path up" that disappeared  as I got closer. It turned out to be the path I followed as I went up. I had no plan going down. As I got near the halfway point I noticed my footprints going up. My mind and or the hill had sent me on the same path. Anyway I had an object lesson in boots vs shoes as I smashed the bottom of my shoe on a sharp rock and felt like I broke my foot at the joint of the little toe. (Prepared?) The pain faded as I forced a normal stride down the hill.
As I got to the bottom. It started to rain and I realized I would be late for twitter interview. So now I am worried about my phone getting wet and being late and my darn foot hurts!

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