Friday, May 17, 2013

no tv week

So the 7 year old told me that this week should be no tv week. Being the permissive liberal kids are adults  in little bodies parent I agreed. Of course we do not have a tv, we watch netflix on the $220 laptop so maybe it is not too much of a sacrifice?
  At first the little one was very upset and tried to negotiate his way to a few shows(about dinosaurs) Then he gave in . The next day however he told me that no tv week meant no media(no talk radio!) so now we are in a quiet household!
  That brings me to the fairness thing again. Soren got candy and cupcakes at his graduation and Ben did not get to go. Ben thought it would be fair if Soren was not allowed to get anything  at McDonalds. I see this with adults all the time and I try to explain that taking away from someone else does not make things better, but no one listens...

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