Monday, May 20, 2013

Caught out in the rain?! part 1

It is either day 12 or 14, maybe 13 of run every days three weeks time. Last day this week that I have the boys. I drop Ben off at school and keep Soren(Mom is working and his school got out early for construction) We drop off the truck for repairs and get a ride over to the goat co-op and then home we just hang out till time to meet Mom. Then I run some errands. In the middle I realize that if I don't get home and run now I will miss Destiny's twitter interview.
 I was introduced to this new app,runtastic that tricks you into using your smart phone's gps to keep track of your runs. This means that I have to plug the phone in for a while (If a person runs without gps did it really happen?) Finally head out the door and feel like old shoe...plastic.
 Short quick run across rough terrain to the 9 mile arroyo ready to turn back until I see a mountain(hill) I definitely need to climb it!
  Whoa it is steeper than it looked and I have to take several breaks to "admire" the scenery. It looks like a lovely lonely hill with two houses on it. I have to avoid the houses. As I get near the top Thunderclouds remind me of a conversation I had with Fred Maas about lightning . I was not scared of it because hardly anybody dies of lightning. His reply"Hardly anybody is dumb enough to tempt lightning!" Good point
  Anyway going up the ridge in with lightning and not scared. Of course I get to the top and there is a huge monstrosity of a house. 

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