Thursday, May 9, 2013


I have been on a food allergy test diet since January, (well I was very restricted until my stomach got better) and because if this i have lost 30# this was no big deal until i finally got the time to go out for a "run" and found out that 196# is a  lot lighter than 226#.
  I ran up to the water tower twice and headed home on Cibola Circle. of course when i saw an arroyo I had to check it out and found that it was on the way home, after the Highway tunnel I was about 3 tens of a mile from home. i recently decided that i wanted to make every run at least 3 miles, and my little gps said 2.3 although the pedometer said 2.7 Anyway I figured I would run down the arroyo till 3 mile on gps. then run home thereby ensuring  3 miles. Of course i did not do the math of .7 miles down then  .7 miles up then over the fence across the scrub brush(in the dark) over another fence up the steep embankment to cross the road then the 400 meter driveway. A little more tired than I expected!

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  1. Somehow that sounds like a lot of our adventures when we were younger and stupider (I'm not so young anymore): A lot more than we expected, and loving every minute of it!