Friday, May 10, 2013


I got a call from a woman about trimming a horse at the Delancey street foundation. I had heard of them and knew they sold Christmas trees. So after a long morning shoeing 4 horses I head over to trim a horse. Gloria finds me and leads me to a locked gate where we wait for somebody to unlock for ten minutes. We are finally let into a beautiful facility where Fernando invites me in for a tour while we wait for somebody. We see the dining room and the little lake full of giant catfish and he starts talking about the class. He tells me we are waiting for the group and I realize that they are expecting me to give a class on hoof care.
 It turns out that there are 5 horses and  7 people expecting  me to conduct a clinic on horse and hoof care!
  Of course I am a little disorganized and love to create so I cancel the rest of my day(hopefully my clients will understand) and we talk about shoeing and trimming horses and I learn about the program which started in San Francisco as a rehab center in 1971.
  Apparently it is what all us liberals have thought jails should be all along. A place for people who cannot handle life or who cannot follow the rules to get their act together under strict supervision.
  So we spend 3 hours under the shade of a huge cottonwood working with horses and hooves and then they invite me in for dinner. I feel pretty good about myself for giving back or whatever it is ones does when trying to help others with no expectation of remuneration(should be renumeration but Webster says no, must look up the root of that word) Anyway to top it all off the woman who originally called hands $400 and says she is sorry that is all she has. Now I feel really good because some good deeds do go unpunished.
  Of course I also feel some sort of guilt for taking the money. However I now have a plan. Ado not use however or but to start a sentence! B maybe we can set up a program to help the horses and citizens of Delancy street. It is not fully formed in my subconscious computer but we are working on it!

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