Sunday, May 5, 2013

dreams? part one

Following Destiny Allison's blog (of course computer does not agree with me sharing that I follow. Little button says add blogs you follow. I type it in press "follow" and all disappears. HMPH)
  Talking about following your dreams....
  What dreams? I remember a youthful dream of .... Here is where frustration sets in. How to turn a picture and vision into words in such a way that I express something approximating communication. I guess it was more like a controlled nightmare. I think I was in space trying to create order in the Solar system... or maybe the universe. All these giant balls of energy and mass spinning out of control. I still remember their subjective size texture and speeds. It seems that many times I tried and failed and of course everything imploded... or exploded or something.
  Then one night I remember there came an orderly and predictable series of orbits and interactions in this universe of the night. I had not thought of this dream in many years, but those images are just as sharp and clear (or newly made up) as those nights in the homemade bunk bed( another image I would like to "paint")
  I remember a painting John Cap gave me years ago. I think he said it was a portrait of me that reminded me of those dreams or nightmares or experiences...
  Anyway I do remember wanting to be OJ Simpson. Lucky miss. Now sometimes people say follow your heart or do what you have always wanted to! I try to think of something that drives me in they way I believe they are talking about and come up with confusion.

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