Thursday, January 5, 2012

christmas day run

On christmas day I st out to run on the treadmill while watching tv. The treadmill was making a horrible noise so I threw on some shorts and headed out the door for an arroyo. I headed down the dead end road towards the arroyo to my surprise I had to let a car go by, can't get away from them anywhere! At the end of the road a small trail heads down to the arroyo. The snow is about 4" deep and freezes my feet and bare legs.
         some coyote tracks lead me to the bottom and I head upstream. There are now not even tracks and it is silent, only the sound of my breathing and the noise in my head. My feet slowly adjust to the cold as they do and I slow down because of the snow and my breathing is quiet. I run for 20 or 30 minutes thinking heavy thoughts and chugging up the arroyo I get to the road where the arroyo begins and rest for a minute before I head back down. My body grumbles a little at the renewed effort and the i am running easily. A surprising thing happens, my mind is quiet and I move over the snow with no sound even in my head. The landscape slides by without effort and I become less and less aware of myself. How do you describe this? At oneness? unity? peace? I guess I do not know. For a small window in time I am in this altered state.
I come to the barb wire fence that I have to climb through and this thing we call reality comes rushing back into my awareness like the tide. I realize that I am tired and that the remaining mile or so is going to be physically trying. Especially with the weight of reality of the world firmly on my shoulders again.
   I wish he had stayed home instead of waiting at the fence.

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