Saturday, January 7, 2012

guitar george

Wednesday morning I drop my truck off for an oil change and fuel filter change(diesel engine) The shop said they would give me a ride to my appointment. The driver does not show up so I get to sit and chat (my favorite activity after the unmentionable and reading) for 20 minutes waiting for the taxi.
The male nurse waiting with is talking about not wanting to be in management because he expects everybody to be competent and do their best..
the taxi comes and the driver takes many wrong turns and I hear my companion huffing under his breath as we chat about the pros and cons of taxi driving and the issues around veterans mental health and post traumatic stress disorder. He works at veterans psych ward and my stepfather was in Vietnam. Any way w get to my stop and I tip the driver(no way is her incompetent driving getting a tip from him)
I finish my business and the auto shop calls. My truck is finished they do not have a ride for me and the vehicle has miraculously developed a flat. I figure 4 mile walk back to the shop will not only make up for not running for the last 10 days(I lost my mileage keeper tracker of(er) and give the shop a chance a chance to fix the flat. As I walk down St. Michael's drive a fellow flags me down. Apparently HE wants to chat as we walk
He starts telling me his story of rehab and the hospital and getting picked of for drunk and disorderly. After a few minutes he looks closely and says "You are not Guitar George? " I answer truthfully that I am indeed not Guitar George. He nods,we introduce ourselvs and Chris continues his adventures with cops and fights and unsuccessful romance(don't ask) as if I was indeed his long lost buddy. At one point I ask Chris what Guitar George does. DUH Guitar George plays the guitar.  Anyway we become best friends we grew up in the same neighborhood and are the same age. Chris asks me to walk with him from rehab to the new program at the old Pete's pet. We do not quite make it because i lent him(gave) money and he bought vodka. He decides to wait till tomorrow to check out the new program and i get ride to the shop and hang out for another hour reminiscing about alcholic childhoods with the receptionists the owner comes in and lets me know that  I brought the truck in with a flat and I only have to pay $95 for a new tire

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