Wednesday, January 18, 2012


dad "Good night everyone" Ben "Good night everyone one this side of the world where it is night"  Soren "Good night everyone on both sides of the world where it is night and where it is day"
Dad "thank you universe for letting us exist"
Ben "Did God make us?"
Dad" I don't think so"
Ben " So we just think he made us?"
Dad " Some people think God made us, but I don't. You can think so if you want to"
Ben " Well how did we get here?"
Dad" first first there was nothing then a big bang then we just sort of developed"
Ben "I know God made us because well who would.
 Soren" God made us??"
Ben "Yes he made himself out of nothing then he made us."
Dad "God might be a girl."
Ben "God is a boys name so I am pretty sure he's a boy
Dad to myself "I hope I remember this in the morning."

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