Thursday, April 19, 2012


I was over at a friends house the other day and I was introduced to "things Burquenos say" All I remember was that the college age woman was attractive and "Ombers" which I had not heard since Agua Fria elementary school. So today I went down to Burque (something us Santa fenos usually only do under threat or to go to the airport.) We actually have an airport in Santa Fe but only people who can afford their own planes go there. Anyway it was a short day so I decided to hang with my high school friend who lives in Burque and claims to be a santa feno even though he did not move here until he was six. I told him about Burquenos and of course his son knows the star.He did refuse to introduce me. Oh well . To this day I do not know the origination of ombers which is something w would say when somebody did something that could get them in trouble.
   We laughed and remembered only the good parts of high school and talked about R A Lafferty ( a catholic who wrote science fiction) He took me to a fast food joint that served real beef with plastic buns and velveeta. On the drive to the food place I saw something that I never thought I would see in my life, a gated community full of mobile homes. Every other gated community I have seen has been specifically designed to keep mobile homes and those of us with the lack of moral fiber that would even consider mobile homes OUT. I could not help but wonder who the mobile home park was trying to keep out. Trailer trash?   Naw maybe it is all those evil banskters I keep hearing about.....

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