Monday, April 9, 2012

Iconclast? continued

The ideal of being different is very important in American mythology. The different one always saves the day from the Reacher novels to Travis Mcgee from Dirty Harry to the Duke and Shane we love the Iconic "other". In life we seem to all want to think the same in a different dress. Everyone has been around the tragedy of matching dresses. However if anybody dares to think differently from the group we as a group seem to get very upset and can even become violent.
So the illusion of otherness is very important and the reality of otherness is very scary.  We hang the witches and sorcerers while we worship the very attributes which caused our fear.

Thus continues the dance between fear and curiosity which creates what we call progress. The changing state of self awareness and knowledge of the universe we lived in balanced with the constants of human nature and unchanging natural laws. Act too quickly on new information or ideas and risk falling out of balance with natural law. resist change too much and get left behind by the ever-[changing conditions of existence

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