Thursday, April 5, 2012

Creative language

The othr day I was home with Ben,Soren and our friends kids Spencer and Liam. There were out in the back yard playing with the Hose I saw that Liam was turning red where I had not gotten the sunscreen. As I was walking out to catch him and apply sunscreen his dad called as I was answering the phone I stepped down on a board with very sharp rusty nails sticking out of it.I barely managed to communicate that no I was (probably) not dying and that I could keep the kids till 5. Then as the pain got worse and I tried to remove the board I started cursing as Ben was asking what happened. between G*d*m and sonova... mfer  to show him the board and nails and use up a few minutes up a few minutes. After the ninth or ten repitition of sonova... Ben said Daddy you already said that. What could I say? I mfing know that G*d*mit. I guess I better brush up on my language skills.

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