Thursday, November 17, 2011


So one day I realized that all my life (well since the day in 7th grade when I had to walk home from school AGAIN because my Mom had forgotten to pick my up, Looong story short beimg pathologically shy I walked down the dry riverbed and some kind soul had left their girlie magazines under a bridge) I had a dream. That dream(one of  many I must admit) was and is to explore northern New Mexico arroyos.

No sooner said than done. ( I have been told that I have a problem of doing things as soon as I think of them, they call it lack of planning,I might feel putdown if I knew what planning is. I just know that whatever it is won't happen if I don't do it RIGHT NOW) So now I bring my cool little heart rate monitor, pedometer, (hooked up to the internet of course) and  less important things such as running shoes and shorts. I drive all over NM for my work so when I see a likely arroyo I strap on my gear (it did not happen if it is not on the internet) and go exploring. 
   Like a kid in a big backyard I pass through far countries and many adventures in 45 minutes. James Annon

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