Thursday, November 17, 2011


My new home is on the historic turquoise trail about 10 miles south of Santa Fe NM.  It could be called semi-rural. I moved here in June of this year and  have been enjoying the sense of isolation.

there is a nice little arroyo at the end of the dead end street I live on. My two boys( Ben 6 and Soren 4) and I spend a lot of time playing there.
Anyway being averse to running near cars, well autos of any sort, and people, I have taken to running in the arroyo. It great! 5 minute warmup then I am in my own private adventure world. This arroyo runs perpendicular to the main road (state road 14, turquoise trail) I usually run upstream away from the hiway.                                 That morning I decided to run downstream to the road and back. I ran through the cockleburr field. I ran through the little cienega or swamp I climbed the fence I crawled under a fence I crossed a dirt road. I was definitely in an alternate world, the road is only a 10 minute walk from the house. Anyway I ran through the russian olive forest,the miniature burr field and finally through the tall grass to the hiway underpass. a beautiful wide unexplored arroyo on the other side of the road . After 20 more  minutes of nice easy running I turn around and head upstream towards home. 30 minutes after that I am completely lost no hiway anywhere. finally I start to think I should head  head back downstream After a few minutes I climb out  of the arroyo. behind a gas station!?? Oh Yeah I forgot to mention the big Pile of Bear poop. I head bac down the arroyo. After what seems like forever ( I am getting a little tired) I come out of the arroyo again. A huge toy car lies abandoned halfway down the hill. Interesting . when I get to the top I hear a squeaky wind generator and on the other side a familiar looking branch of my arroyo. I get back into my familiar old arroyo cross under the hiway and head home.
 After I while I notice no cienega no fence no burrs. When I get to the tree house made out of plywood with the words Fort Bragg on them I start to believe in alternate universes. However I just turn around and head back downstream to where  the giant metal culvert had led me astray. So exhausted and well satisfied like Christopher Robin I headed home through the woods and the burrs and the fences.

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