Friday, November 18, 2011

the beginning

I was born in Santa Fe NM. in 1964. I am told that at that time we had moved into my Grandparents home on Tatum road because my father had gotten cancer and they had to sell the farm in Agua Fria village. We were quickly moved to Mexico in order for my parents to save their marriage. Skipping the gory details I found myself dropped into a first grade class of 30 kids back in Agua Fria in the middle of January..
How does this connect to running you may ask? Well I will tell you.

I did not like school. They forced me to go to recess whn I wanted to do math and forced me to to math when I wanted to play. One day according to the story the 6th grade school bully threatened to beat me up. Oddly i do not remember this. I told him Oh Yeah and grabbed his ankles and threw him on his a**. needless to to it was a good thing I was fast. Also I was not bothered too much after that.
  Then there was field day. The first time I was in attendance on field day was the third grade. I remember Fernando 6th grade the 2d fastest kid in School and Sally the fastest kid in school. I got a lot of attention for being the fastest kid and in3rd grade. Also being fast was a useful skill reference my first story

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