Wednesday, November 23, 2011

running and competition

I love winning. Winning is great and fun. However I do not think that it is as important as many seem to think it is.
   I struggle with competition because I love it and I do not agree with majority of society on the purpose of competition. Just as in politics there is a dichotomy of "liberal" vs. "conservative".
  The conservative feeling is best summed up by the famous quote "Winning is not the most important thing, it is the only thing".
 Liberal is simply "Everybody wins!!!"
   My philosophy,which I believe to be shared by a large (silent ) minority. Is that we compete with each other in order to as a group be better prepared to face life's "slings and arrows".
   This is more of a gut experience than an intellectual experience. Maybe partly from exposure as an infant and young child to the culture of Cochiti pueblo here in Northern NM. My belief is that winning and losing are the least important aspects of competition. Planning, organizing and teamwork are much more important to a healthy society.  Individual performance and or accolades are based on the "conservative" idea that nobody operates out of altruism and their other theory(which many liberals agree with)   that humans are too stupid and greedy to plan a just society.
I am not saying that these theories are wrong I am saying that I think they are wrong. We have to sport to practice the things that we value in our society. My group agrees that these values are courage, integrity, teamwork, planning and caring. Many people I run into believe that sport (and society) celebrate winning and that all else is secondary. I am not that interested in winners and losers or, as we progessives call it, zero sum games.
  When we get too involved in winning we lose sight of the big picture. And we begin to believe that short term is everything.

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