Sunday, November 20, 2011

more health matters

Great news! My older son Ben is 6 and is now a legal drug user. Cough medicine, that is.
This is very exciting because whenever he has a cold we stay up all night coughing. So last night Ben got his fix and we all slept great.

Now I am reading the label for childrens dimetapp

Do not use to sedate a child or make a child sleepy
Do not use if you are depressed or have heart disease high blood pressure or trouble urinating.
Can I sue if I steal my kids drugs and get sick?
     On a lighter note a conservative couple comes into the emergency room with identical symptoms of paranoia and dizziness. Nobody can figure out what is wrong and the patients were getting panicky.
The teenage son figures out that somebody stole his "special brownies" a happy ending.... As long as he has his medical marijuana permit.

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