Thursday, April 11, 2013

Elementary school

Allessandra making fun of me for "publishing" half written posts. Well this half written post just disappeared. Reminds of "the one that got away" The tragedy of my best blog ever disintegrating into the ether without a trace. Ah well I guess it is true that since i was selectively mute for 5 or 6 years I have plenty of words backed up in the system. 
  I just hate to repeat myself when I can still remember the gist of what O was saying. The is nothing like a well worn story to comfort oneself with on long cold nights before the fire in Paleolithic days when there was no tv on internet and apparently all our ancestors ate was grass fed beef and roots. I myself suspect they ate a lot of bugs and stuff too. Anyway.... 
  My mom and her new boyfriend 22 year native American Vietnam veteran with ptsd and substance abuse problem came moved us back from Oaxaca, Mexico in January of 1971.
  So my older brother and I were dropped off one morning at a big black building call Agua Fria Elementary school. I remember being ushered into a room filled with kids and one adult and finding a book filled with math problems. Well I went right to work solving all these cool problems and all was hunky dory until suddenly the lady comes up and tries to force me to go outside into the freezing wind and hang out with a bunch of strange kids. I of course objected strenuously, to no avail, I was thrust into this cold dengerous world with no defense but my wits.. This was the start of my hatred of this thing called "school". 

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