Tuesday, April 16, 2013


So  a-lot of people have been bugging me about skiing,which I do not like. Okay to be honest ,I probably would like if it was not so expensive,time-consuming, cold and expensive. Did I mention the number of people I know who have had acl surgery due to skiing "accidents"?
 My 2 boys,who are 6 and 7 did not get to go skiing this year because that is the ex wife's responsibility(she tells me skiing is next to Godliness.Of course she did not have the financial resources to take them. I do not either
I may dislike skiing because during my mute phase somebody signed me up for public school lessons. Probably my dad because I remember the skis from the bronze age came from him. I had to find the bus and ride up to a freezing snowy place with a bunch of snot nosed strangers. After half an hour the instructor decided that I was an advanced skier and ordered me off to the other group. I, being mute, was unable to tell her that I had never skied before. Off we went to some sort of moving chairs that scooped me up and dropped me off at the top of the mountain. Halfway down I realized that I had only half of a ski on the right side. I guess exposure to oxygen is not good for fossils. My Sears and Roebucks jeans were soaked as  walked down the mountain. Being a smart mute child I have managed to avoid skiing since.
  Since somebody whose name will not be named to protect the guilty had introduced the boys to skiing the are disappointed to not be skiing. Grandpa lives down valley from Aspen Colorado so I decided that we could drive up and I could drink Grandpa's booze while he too the boys skiing during spring break at the famous ski resort. Since the ex had forced the boys to play soccer it did not work out, so we left Santa Fe at  one pm on Saturday after a doubleheader for the 7 hour drive to "papo's" house. Of course I had to stop in Chimayo and put some orthotics on a horse on the way.
  I, of course realized that I had bald tires on the VW Golf that I had was driving up. Since it costs one third what the big truck costs to drive we took it anyway.
 To be continued.... Alessandra.

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