Saturday, April 27, 2013

Strong memories

The spring of 1983 finally getting down to the important part of the day, track. I am fit and strong, the self described "athlete who reads" Mrs Epp our English teacher had requires us to write and autobiography. i, wanting to skip, or rather not remembering the gory details of an interesting childhood, had stuck with semi fiction. Anyway changing into running gear and going through the necessary but bothersome details of stretching and strength work I am finally on the field with Coach Maas . Today is the test of fitness. I know they have measured out the 440 yards around the soccer field for the workout. 12 440 at 65 seconds each. I do not remember the rest period. 30 sec for partial recovery 90 seconds for race fitness (half mile race) or heartbeat down to 120 for another test. Nerves and concentration start the first rep easy stride and float around the turns my idea is to do each one at exactly 63.5 seconds. First one 63.8 pretty good stand quietly with big but still easy breathing waiting for the signal to go. The agonies of adolescence forgotten. The broken family and all other concerns are gone just the sound of my breathing and the focused waiting for the signal to go.  63.3. better. The outside world recedes still further 64, 63.2 .63.6 63.5 yes! Now I am at one with myself as the reps roll around till the last one. maybe a little extra? Yea 59.5 to finish off the day.  I am ready. I cannot wait till tomorrow when for just a little while my world is simple clear and hard.

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