Thursday, April 4, 2013


Working on remembering my childhood in order to heal mind and body from the traumas. It is interesting that  I do not have a continuous memory until 8th grade when ,according to family myth, I who was selectively mute (for some reason it really bugs me when people confuse a moot point with a mute point)at the time, was sent to Tucson (the four boys took turns going to visit?) to stay with my Dad and I told him that I would never go to school again. Interesting factoid, I went to school 3 days a week and got all As and Bs.
    So my Dad drove me up to Santa Fe and used his army disability pay to put me in the local prep school. That fall is when my memory becomes contiguous. I guess that Santa Fe Prep became In Pater Familias. I got my sense of community and belonging  from my five years at this small private school.
  As usual something in my mind distracted me and I got off of whatever subject was interesting me when I started typing. Oh yeah dredging up childhood memories so my stomach can heal and I can start eating junk again. Although the cute naturopath assures me that it still will not be good to eat the old way no matter how healthy my psyche is. Hmph!! well I guess it is worth it since I am no longer dependent on loperamide.
  Oh well I guess I want to be the best that I can be. (I still can't believe the army stole such a good slogan) If that includes eating Kale and forcing myself to relive my childhood so be it.


  1. I never knew you before 8th grade, so I don't ever remember you as either selectively mute or selectively moot. I do remember that it was about half-way through 9th grade when you suddenly started talking.

  2. As Fred Maas told me I said when he asked why I did not speak. "i will speak when I have something to say!" Now that I listen back, I still do not remember saying much of note!

  3. Perhaps you just got tired of waiting?

    sorry, couldn't resist.

    Fred Maas tells a lot of good stories, and like any good storyteller, doesn't let the actual events get in the way of a good story. Remember how you vowed in the 8th grade not to cut your hair until you brought home a first place medal from the State Track Meet?

    But, maybe he's got a point. If more people would wait to speak until they had something meaningful to say, we would have a better world--or at least a quieter one.

  4. I was listening to memories of Roger Ebert. One thing he said that stuck out was that he appreciated Gene Siskel because Gene listened. Most of us most of the time are just waiting for our turn to not be heard

  5. Yes I remember the haircut story,although as you infer I do not remember the actual vow of no haircutting. The myth stands taller than the reality, although as some famous dude said "Man's ,or rather boys and girls, reach should always exceed his grasp. Maybe it was a motivational story?

    1. I did not cut my hair for several years?

  6. "Myth has strong shoulders that can carry far more truth than mere fact can."
    from "Bridge of Birds" by Barry Hughart. One of my two favorite books.

    Somehow I doubt you ever uttered such a vow. However, it's a much better story if you did.