Saturday, April 20, 2013


Just finished to novels in which one of the main characters was honesty and or truth. Always something on my mind as I can feel that sometimes the truth of what we believe is not the Truth and then there are little white lies, then there is protecting someone from the truth. There is also radical honesty, which in theory I am all for,until I run up against the truism that it is sometimes better to say nothing if you cannot find something nice to say. Of course there is always our old friend the half truth. I wonder what he puts on the census sheet? A friend of mine told me that the truth can be used as a weapon. Interesting. Are some things better left unsaid?
  When one is hurt by another's actions it is natural (maybe not good) to remember and to seek redress for these wrongs. When one injures another with or without intent it is just as natural to wish that they would just get over it. I just read some quote from some famous guy who, when ask why it is important to forgive stated that you only have to forgive once but holding on to resentment to a serious effort every day. Sometimes forgiveness seems like a lie as over against actually forgiving. What does that mean  anyway. Forgive. Lay down one's armor? run from a battle? be the better person?
  So I went from truth to forgiveness Hmm. Is there a connection ?
  I remember reading one of those little homey things old people put up in the kitchen about gossip. First ask yourself "Is it true? Is it kind? is it useful? The value of truth only being part of the equation., Of course I also read a little thing on facebook "If you don't want me talking about those horrible things you did maybe you should not have done them!"
  I could go on, but I think that is enough "Truthseeking for one day.

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