Tuesday, April 16, 2013

snow, life cont..

I had decided that the bald tires on the car could last through the summer. Due to our late start we got to I70 in Colorado at nine pm in the middle of o crazy rainstorm! The car was sliding all over the road, we slid into Papo's house around 10:30.
  On Sunday the boozing and watching did not workout so well. I got to ride up "Fanny hill" and walk or jog down holding one of the little skiers around ten times. Nice workout. We then took the kids to the mini fossil museum with the hostess who had the weirdest hair I have ever seen. Sort of a brownish blonde rats nest on top of and all around. We did miss the end of season costume ski jump into a pond. Papo was a little disappointed but the boys did not care at all.
   In the morning I realized that with the snow I would not make it home on bald tires so I spent the morning getting new ones while the boys hung out. By the time we left the snow was falling heavily. We drove past the big road closed sign in Glenwood. I thought that it was a little sloppy of the highway guys to just lay it on the side of the road. The boys being practical thought that maybe they left it there because they were going to use it again. 2 minutes later we were parked in the snow with no cell service on the highway for an hour. I guess we should have taken a closer look at that sign. Definitely would not have made it on the old tires.
We had another hour long rest on 70 and then a nice long rest on 184 before we got to dry and very windy conditions. Of course we had to stop at the Alligator farm by the great sand dunes and get our picture taken with a very cold alligator. Apparently the alligators are the cleaning crew for the talapia farm. The water is geothermally heated for the tropical fish. Then a nice uneventful brown air drive to Santa Fe


  1. I could point to this post in your blog and say "That's snow life", but really it sounds like life very much indeed.

  2. The value of spending unstructured time with young humanoids?